Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Crafts and Stuff

Here are some things we have done to pass the time:

This is how I found her watching her "do dos." Not sick enough to rip off the keyboard protector.

She posed like this for the pic-- not joking!

In mommy shoes and YES I really do her hair everyday. She just woke up from a nap!

Mommy made homemade cinnamon rolls.

Starch ghosts and bloody candles

Shrunken Apple Heads-- you can tell Andrew's is better

We still have a ways to go. Thanks to Martha I've been cutting out mice silhouettes, bats and owls and we are putting those up too. It's fun, but I'm afraid that I'm giving Ellie a phobia ---ghosts! She's obsessed with them and very much frightened, but always wants to watch and read the stories and shows that have ghosts in them (Little Einstein's Halloween Show--It's awesome.) At first it was keeping her up at night, but she seems to be doing better now. She tells us the ghosts went bye bye before she goes to bed so I guess we're ok now! I'm a bad mom!! I love it when she says ghost though, she says it so funny and with a spooky drawl. I'll have to get video of it. She makes me laugh!


momma elms said...

My angel is so funny - especially with the ghost obsession! Your cinnamon rolls look yummy! I love fall food. Andrew's apple face looks like me. Take lots of pics of Ellie in her Halloween costume. These pics are so fun.

mrs. folau said...

wow!! you are like wonder mom! Pregnant and still coming up with activities :) my poor son... i just keep coming up with new tv shows to have him watch :(

jordan said...

I'm so glad I can keep tabs on you from across the world. Ellie is SO adorable. Don't you love 2?!

Erin said...

What a great post... I love all the crafts and treats. You are inspiring! Ellie's pose watching her "do-do's" made me laugh out loud. HA!

And don't worry, I've already installed a fear of spiders, lightening and thunder, and fire into my son. He's equally terrified and fascinated by them all. It makes me laugh and feel guilty at the same time. heehee!