Monday, July 20, 2009


I waited 2 hours at the doctors today for my check up! During this time Ellie managed to slice her finger in a pencil sharpener (what doctor's office baby area has sharpeners for kids to play with?) and bleed everywhere, poop her buns out, spill a big bag of goldfish all over the floor, sit in every chair in the office with a bloody finger, fall about 10 times and go limp/ shy when anyone looked at her. I was well prepared to wait a while, and I was truthfully watching Ellie like a hawk! When we were finally called in she started screaming bloody murder when the nurse took my blood pressure and when the doctor finally came in, he wouldn't do the check up because Ellie was "having bad day." I guess it's sort of a German thing, but I understood. So luckily Andrew was able to get Ellie, since by that time he was off work. I then waited another hour to be seen again. But, when I got in, saw the baby, and the doctor said that we were having a little BOY it was all worth it! And truth be told, even though Ellie had a rough day today, she will be the best big sister ever and certainly bossy enough to keep her little brother in line! I love that girl! We are sooo excited!

P.S. Yes, that would be Andrew who posted the wonderful illustrative picture above. What a dad.:)

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Camera New Pics

While we were back home my dad gave me the best gift ever- his camera. This is not just any camera its a very nice Canon EOS with a really nice lens. I've been trying to study up so I'll know how to use it. It's great. I've been having way too much fun with it, thanks dad! I'm still learning, but here are some pics from W├╝rzburg today.