Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Worst Mom Evs

OK. So imagine this strapped onto Ellie's head. I told her it was a princess hat and they had to put the nodes on her ears and wrists as well so naturally they were earrings and a princess bracelet. Ellie is REALLY into the Disney Princesses lately (she can name them all by their first names and movie), so this wasn't as hard as it looks! She even sat still in it for 15 minutes while they had a look at her brain activity:) So let me back up.

Last week I was feeding Will and Ellie was rough housing on the couch for attention and got a little carried away. She fell right off the couch on her head and started screaming! I put Will down and picked her up to make sure she was alright and she passed out in my arms with her eyes open and dilated---my worst nightmare. I totally panicked. She came to really drowsy and we called Daddy who came home from work super fast. We went to the hospital and sure enough, it was a concussion. They kept her for 2 days to check her vital signs every 2 hours (day and night--not fun for anyone). She is home now totally fine, very healthy and as crazy as ever.

Will is 2 months now! He got his shots yesterday so it was another night with about 3 hours of sleep again. Ellie has been waking up with Will so that's been fun for everyone. Mommy was so tired last night we had all the babies in bed for a little portion of the night. Although the sleep is rough it really has gotten a little better. Will can sleep for 4 hours a time at night and Ellie has been sleeping through the night more often during the week. Still working on it. We have lots of tricks up our sleeves that don't work at 3 in the morning (especially when mommy has gone consecutive nights without sleep!). But we will get back to normal someday?

Will is such a great little man despite all the sleep issues I am in love with this guy. He makes the cutest baby sounds, has the smelliest little boy farts, and when I try to give him a pacifier he clamps his lips down so hard it's impossible to put it in his mouth. He is so easygoing he let the doctor yesterday do all her tests without a cry even though he was really hungry. He has the cutest smile he flashes at mommy and daddy with little baby chuckles already too. He is so sweet.

Ellie is camera shy now and wild as ever. She is a lot more "outgoing" ever since the arrival of her new brother. So we are all getting used to that. She has been calling mommy and daddy by our first names lately which I have to admit is pretty funny. She says our names so awesomely I had to get a video. Andrew sometimes calls her Boonie as a funny name for her when she's wild so here is what we got, take a look:

Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby Will--Five weeks (plus two other posts!)

Baby Will hit his five week mark! Here's the little guy in his Sunday best.

And we want to give a special thank you and say goodbye to Grammy Lynette, who left us just last week.

Plus, check out the two other new posts just below!

Jealous Ellie

Okay. First things first. Ellie is really sweet to Baby Will, and she is a really good big sister. BUT...she is definitely entering into jealous sibling mode. If she feels slighted in any way, out come the tears (fake and real...but mostly fake). And if Andrew happens to be holding Will, well, forget about it. Here are a few examples.

Taken the morning of Will's blessing when we were photographing him.
Meant to be just Daddy and Will but Ellie intruded to show her opinion of the goings on.

But Ellie loves her little brother. So much! Heaven help us.

Blessing Day

On January 24 we were able to bless Baby Will in Church. Yes, we know it wasn't a Fast Sunday, but we decided to go ahead and move things up since Grammy Lynette was here. It was a wonderful experience. Even if Andrew didn't have a tie on for the post-church picture. :)

Here's Baby Will--he was dressed in the same outfit Andrew wore on his blessing day and he looked adorable:)

Editor's Note: We just found out that not only did Andrew wear this, but his father, Papa Bill, also wore this outfit when his parents were sealed in the St. George Temple!