Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Happening (not to be confused with a lame movie)

Those teeth can tear through wire- isn't she sweet.

The new entertainment play center. I have a feeling this won't last long.

Me and My Bros. in Lodi. John, Ellie and I, and Rick.

I have some of the Book of Mormon CDs on my iPod, which is cool when I want to listen to it BUT so not cool when its on shuffle.

Other news, I'm 99% sure Ellie is left handed, quite possibly lactose intolerant and 100% adorable. She is getting into everything. I had to turn our entertainment center with all our DVDs and CDs into a playhouse today so she wouldn't tear everything out and to take her attention away from all the cords/ outlets in the house. YES, Ellie is obsessed with electricity and putting it in her mouth= not cool. Those teeth can tear through anything. She is almost 11 months now, just love her. I'm very excited that she can be in the states for her 1st BD and have Papa cake--can't wait.

Andrew and I will be going to my grandma Miller's funeral in Angel's Camp this weekend. She had pancreatic cancer among other things and I'm sad that she's not with us any more but so happy she is out of her horrible pain. I had the opportunity of traveling to Lodi last week and visiting with her for a moment with Ellie. We had a nice talk and she was so happy to see Ellie. She was an incredibly strong, beautiful woman and always made me laugh. We will miss her very much.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Papa Bill's New Teeth!

Poor Papa Bill. For years he's been grinding his teeth at night, which not only led to shortened teeth, but one even fractured on him. Here's a picture of how his mouth looked.

But then, Andrew finally helped him out. Here are his new veneers, placed just yesterday.

And a front-on shot. What a smile!

From the 4th

We um, found these "cool" hoodies. Can you guess who Huey, Dewey, and Louie are?

It's Andrew, Tim, and Challa!


Look who's crawling. And by crawling, we mean all over the place. Yes, the house is no longer safe, and in addition, Ellie is now pulling herself up and biting our ottoman and couch. It has begun.