Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Crafts and Stuff

Here are some things we have done to pass the time:

This is how I found her watching her "do dos." Not sick enough to rip off the keyboard protector.

She posed like this for the pic-- not joking!

In mommy shoes and YES I really do her hair everyday. She just woke up from a nap!

Mommy made homemade cinnamon rolls.

Starch ghosts and bloody candles

Shrunken Apple Heads-- you can tell Andrew's is better

We still have a ways to go. Thanks to Martha I've been cutting out mice silhouettes, bats and owls and we are putting those up too. It's fun, but I'm afraid that I'm giving Ellie a phobia ---ghosts! She's obsessed with them and very much frightened, but always wants to watch and read the stories and shows that have ghosts in them (Little Einstein's Halloween Show--It's awesome.) At first it was keeping her up at night, but she seems to be doing better now. She tells us the ghosts went bye bye before she goes to bed so I guess we're ok now! I'm a bad mom!! I love it when she says ghost though, she says it so funny and with a spooky drawl. I'll have to get video of it. She makes me laugh!

28 Weeks!! Things Could Be Worse!

We have all been sick now for about 2 weeks! All of us with varying versions of Bronchitis and the flu. Yesterday I was sneezing and coughing and I'm pretty sure I cracked a rib!!! So breathing, sneezing, coughing-- you get the idea and it's not fun!! The worst part is that we were supposed to be in Garmisch last week for a dental conference and I was super excited to go to Innsbruck, Austria, but alas my body decided it was better for me to have a bleeding throat instead. The good news is that the baby is doing great and I get to see him every two weeks now! I love being pregnant in Germany!

Keep in mind I'm sick and have a cracked rib so my hair can be messy:)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

OHH Andrew!

Everyday he says something witty that makes me laugh. So I decided that I should start writing these things down so I can remember them. Here is one from today and another from a couple days ago.

1. In regards to Obama (and 2 other economists) winning the Noble Peace Prize:

-"They must have renamed it the Piece prize"

2. In regards to army meetings:

-"If a German captures me the worst thing that's going to happen is they will make me eat crappy food and listen to Pink."

We are busy watching the news online trying to figure out where that little 6-year- old boy is that floated away in the balloon. Hope he's OK. So that's all for now.