Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Baby Ellie
Baby Shawna

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Solid Food!

Solid rice cereal, here we come! Some for the tummy, some for the face!

Congrats Fat!

Congrats to Tim, who passed his Exam P Actuary Test on Monday in Culver City. Now he is qualified and ready to send out resumes and get hired as an actuary (if you're unfamiliar with actuaries, think of Ben Stiller's character in Along Came Polly). Now let's not hope he gets hired by some company out in the midwest, since that's where most insurance companies are located. 

But we're super proud of him and despite his diligent studying, we like to think that he passed since he spent the night prior to the test over at our house. 

In Bakersfield

Last weekend we headed up to Bakersfield for a quick trip to visit Grammy Liz, Papa Bill, and Uncles Tim and Challa. It was fun and brief, and Andrew got sick. Eventful for everyone!

Grammy Liz, Ellie, and Max
Daddy and Ellie en route to her bath

Long Weekend in Arizona

Ellie had her first plane ride (that's her and Daddy in the Burbank airport)! Over President's Day Weekend, we all headed to Arizona to watch Shawna's little sister, Michelle, play in a soccer tournament out in Phoenix. So, courtesy of Grandma Lynette, we all boarded Southwest Airlines and flew out to the Valley of the Sun on that Friday night. A good time was had by all, and here are the pics to chronicle our trip.

Michelle playing for the County Line Heat
Grandma Lynette and her cousin and our hostess, Marilyn Nava
Courtesy of the Nava family, we had a place to stay in Mesa, and she was gracious enough to drive us ALL over the valley, since Michelle's games were played in various locations, from North Phoenix to Scottsdale

This is a place in Mesa called Organ Stop Pizza. Inside the two-story building, there was a HUGE organ that was played non-stop and had an accompanying light show. The pizza was okay, but the show, which ranged from showtunes to Disney songs, was awesome.

Mommy and Baby inside Organ Stop Pizza

The Mesa Temple

The whole crew! From L to R: Ellie (in stroller), Shawna, Michelle, Marilyn Nava, Braun Nava, and Grandma Lynette
Visiting the Moncurs and meeting Weston!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bum and Joel

So cousin Bum had an awesome celeb sighting up in Utah--Joel McHale, host of E!'s The Soup. There's not much more to be said, it's pretty dang awesome. Maybe not as cool as Shawna and I meeting Michael Cera, but pretty dang awesome nonetheless. OK, OK, it's equally awesome.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Saturday with the Oblads

Yes, we're bad, and we didn't bring our camera, but this past Saturday we hung out with the Oblads in Los Angeles. Taylor Oblad and Andrew were mission buddies, going all the way back to the MTC, and he is currently attending law school at California Western and living with his wife, Mandy, and two sons, Derek and Dylan, down in San Diego. To make a long story short, he found us by Googling Andrew and finding our blog. So we're glad to have good friends relatively nearby and we hope to hang out with them again soon!

And by the way, for the full story on our adventures, check out their blog by linking to it to the left!

The Little One

Ellie is almost sitting up, but not quite, which explains blanket city. I'm sure there are easier ways.

Oh and yes those are boy pjs. Which reminds me of a time my grandma called PF Chang's PJ Chang's numerous times, but that's another story. I saw these pajamas at Old Navy and fell in love. My excuse to Ellie is that if they made an adult version of these I would wear them. 
Unfortunately, Ellie did not like swimming as much as her bath time. Maybe we will try again in the summer. We just couldn't resist the swimming weather in February- mid 80s, or her cute new suit.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Andrew's Bragging

So Andrew got on a Text Twist kick the other day on Yahoo games, and it turned into a marathon affair. At first, he had insomnia, so he played all night without losing. Then it happened that both of his brothers, Tim and Jeff, came that weekend and they helped collaborate to keep it going. They finally lost late on a Sunday night while watching a Lakers game, but they took a pic to memorialize their high score. Here it is.

Oh, and they lost by not getting the word "snooty". Too bad.

Too Hilarious Not to Post

We are big Soup junkies, and this happens to be one of the singular funniest things we saw in all of 2007. This clip needs no introduction--it's pretty self-explanatory.