Sunday, March 29, 2009

Max: In Memoriam (1989-2009)

Bought in a cake decorating store, you first came into our lives when I was in fifth grade. You were so small, you fit inside Mom's coat pocket. You were so small, in fact, we had to tie a small bell to your collar so we could know where you were.

You fit into the family immediately, even if you would run away from us in the front yard. You were loud, and funny, and sweet. You were good with everyone who came into our lives, both young and old (well, maybe with the exception of Myron and Soto, that is).

You grew with us and went from a tiny, all black puppy to a greying, distinguished Elms family member. You were there for all of the ups and downs. You had a preternatural sense of how to comfort us, snuggling up to us when we were sad or knowing to curl up at our feet to watch over us when we were ill. Thank you so much for that.

You saw us go from children until some of us had children of our own. We're so happy that Ellie got to know you. She loved you so much that it was no coincidence that her first word was "doggy". We're thankful that it was her four-legged pursuit of you in Bakersfield that was the impetus that taught Ellie to finally crawl. And we will always remember how she would light up when she saw you appear over Skype.

We love you and will miss you immensely. You were part of the family--a true Elms brother. I'm sorry it's taken me this long to post this for you. It's been a hard time to get past all the raw emotion and find the right words.

Here's to 20 great years! We love you, Max.

Funny Alien

She was having way too much fun with this toy....... but then it got a little weird.  My baby is a good cheesy scifi actress already!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Creepy Bunny Award

And the Creepy Bunny Award goes to................................

Catrina! Hands down the scariest THING I've ever seen!!!!:) But you got to give me props for trying.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


So bright out. I love that she is still smiling.

"Prisoners were left in this tower to rot." (In the guide book)

Not sure about this guy.
So, I guess the story is that during the 30 Years War the Swedish were coming to invade the city and so the towns people gathered together all their children and sent them outside the gates to plead with the army to spare their city. The captain of the Swedish army had just lost a son and felt compassion on the children and so Dinkelsbühl was not invaded. So unlike Rothenburg (which is still amazing) this city was not rebuilt, everything is in it's mostly original state. Every year in July the towns people re-enact this in traditional garb and celebrate. And of course all the children get bags of candy.

Andrew found this on the side of the old church, we thought it was pretty cool. Go Crusades!

One of the entrances to the city.

Ellie had a great time.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

For Tim

Sometimes stars do things in other countries they would NEVER do in the states.

Does that say what I think it says???

I believe it does.