Monday, July 25, 2011

AHH Venice!

Piazza San Marco

Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge
Gondola on the grand canal. A little expensive if you ask me. 100-180 Euro for a ride!! Thats over 150-270 dollars right now!
Venice was great. Yes it was scorching. Yes it was continuous up and down stairs with strollers. But Gelato for breakfast lunch and dinner was a plus! And is was so amazing. I WILL be coming back here-- NO strollers and probably no kids. Sorry guys.

We just got back from non- stop vacations. My mom came out and we went to Dubrovnik, Croatia, Olympia and Athens Greece, Padova, Verona, and Venice, Italy back to southern Bavaria, and finished in Paris. SO much fun and we are very tired. I still have clean clothes in bags and no desire to put things away yet.

We finish our time here in Germany mid September and it's coming too fast. We have one more big trip planned to Switzerland and Western Italy. Still going strong. There is so much to post. I hope we can get to all of it!