Thursday, April 19, 2012

Like Father Like Son.

At Tim and Becky's Open House. I think Andrew is modeling Will. What will I do with these boys??

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I think Will came along to scare me into only having two kids. Will and I have two very different agendas EVERYDAY!! I try to make my agenda his by including activities that he would enjoy. Such as gymnastics, toddler story time, and the park. But most of those activities always turn into a disaster!!! What am I doing wrong with this child!!! Today at toddler time instead of coloring, or putting stickers on rabbits and listening to stories, all he wanted to do was climb on anything he could put a foot on. He was stealing other kids water and running around stealing snacks!! I was literally on him for an hour and he still managed to break free sometimes. When I try to hold his hand and guide him in a new direction he has a tantrum and just lays on the floor for about 2 minutes, then gets up and runs away. If I don't carry him or put him in a stroller when I go out, he would run away and keep running. The boy doesn't care if he can see me or not! Before we checked out he was laying on the ground in a silent protest by the cash registers. This is really embarrasing, I am such a bad mom! So glad Ellie is such an angel or I'd have some major issues with even leaving the house!!