Sunday, January 10, 2010

2 1/2 weeks

Ellie and Grammy out on the town

Tired Daddy- He has been so great with Ellie too!

2 Weeks

Christmas day-- We got to come home! (2 days old)

Time goes so fast. Will is going to be three weeks in a few days! We couldn't be more blessed with this little guy. He is a great sleeper, feeds almost every 4-5 hours at night, cries only when he has gas and won't take a pacifier (he HATES them.) Besides his chronic stuffy nose he is in perfect health. We had to wait until last Wednesday (when he was 2 weeks old!!) to get him circumcised and he took it like a champ. Really, he is such a perfect babe. Ellie is doing better. She had a really rough start and is getting back to her sleeping routine, but she adores baby Will and is a big help. We are going to miss grammy and Catrina so much when they leave on Tuesday. Andrew and I have actually gotten some much needed alone time with the help of these two. They have been so awesome through all of this!!