Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ellie Loves Her Babies

The other day I thought we left them at the grocery store- thank goodness they were in the car. Ellie can't go anywhere without them, including to bed. 

She felt like a princess in this dress today:) 

Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's Been A While!

I think to conserve my energy (or lack thereof),  I need to condense everything important that has happened from the past two months and just post in order of occurrence. Here is my list. I've been so bad at blogging lately- please forgive me! 

1. We had the most amazing time with our friends Mike and Erin Allen who came out for a visit at the beginning of May (yes it's been that long ago!) We traveled all over Southern Bavaria, Kassel, and visited Saint Goar on a river cruise down the Rhine. Ellie had the best time getting to know their adorable son Jonah (they are about the same age), who helped triple Ellie's vocabulary in a week. He was sadly missed as were they all when it was time for them to go. We had a ton of fun!

Andrew doesn't want you to look at his belly here. :)

2. After our vacation I thought that I had mono or really bad allergies, but it turned out that I was pregnant!! I'm due January 8th and we are really excited for Ellie to have another brother or sister! Still, I can't believe it.. I hope this gives me a bloggers alibi. I have zero energy and don't remember being this wiped out or sick with Ellie. My doctor here is great, he speaks English very well, is very thorough and he does 3D ultrasounds at every visit. I'm loving that. They have a movie option but I'm still not too stoked about it. 3d is a little weird, but can you imagine a movie of yourself as a baby in the womb?? Not sure if that's the type of memory I want to create for my child. We are super excited and I am getting fat- ha. Sorry if ultrasound pictures gross you out, but I love this. See the sweet little cheeks at only 12 weeks- you have to admit that is pretty cute. Everyone is healthy and doing great.

3.We went back to California for 3 weeks and just got back. It was so nice to visit with family, eat "real" food, shop at all our favorite places, and speak English with everyone. I miss it so bad, but I don't miss the 14 hour plane ride. Ellie is still getting over the jet lag, she is almost back to normal- wish I could say the same!  We miss our families so much--Thanks for such a wonderful time guys we loved it and we love you!!  

Watching TV w/ Grandpa Bill

Andrew's BD dinner with the family

Ellie taking Ruby out for a walk

4. Other than that I have nothing to report unless you want to hear how I've been so sick and tired that I have a hard time even showering in the day. Ellie has been watching Backyardagains non-stop, she calls them the do-do-dos, at least she has that! I feel so bad for her! I'm just waiting for this stage to end so we can get out of the house again without expending my energy for the week. I'll get there.  Andrew is doing well and back to work, his boards went great! 

 Terrible twos- yeah right! This pic cracks me up! Terrible 1 and 3/4! Love her.