Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back For Good

I've been putting off the blog. I'm sorry. The posts I wanted to post were piling up into an unending never to be caught up with pile in my head and there is now no way to possibly catch up. So let's start with the present.

It's so nice to be home. We enjoy being able to see a movie right when it comes out, going to any restaurant and all restaurants we missed and getting everything we need at the grocery store! I also enjoy being able to try on my clothes before I buy them (not as much internet shopping) and not having to shop at Esprit anymore. We also enjoy spending time with our friends and family again!!!

We found a cute little house, with a quiet neighborhood, excellent schools and it's nice to be settled down for a bit. Andrew loves the new dental practice he is working for and the ward we are in here is great- 80 primary kids! Back to normal feels nice.

I was thinking about this list the past week, might have to add to it so I'll remember. Some of the things we do as a result of living in Germany for 3 years:

1. Pause at the yellow light, still thinking it may turn green instead of red.
2. Catch myself speeding WAY to much.
3. Tell my children to "sitzen" when I really need them to sit- German is more demanding.
4. Stand close to the next person in line thinking someone is going to rush my line at the grocery store or really any line for that matter.
5. Hang Easter eggs on pussy willows.
6. Ellie calls her "owies" "owas" when she gets hurt, makes me laugh every time.
7. We drink a lot more herbal tea than before
8. Candied almonds at Christmas
9. and Enjoy spending all of our extra time with family:)

I'm sure there are more I'm not thinking of. It's great to be back!
Just a little that's happened since being back-
Playing at the beach

Will turned 2! He loves hims some nuggets:) Papa made him his Angry Birds birthday cake!

Ellie turned 4 and started pre-school. She starts kindergarten this summer!

Christmas back home!!