Monday, November 30, 2009


Ellie has been learning and practicing her colors. Her new favorite thing to say is "daddy's brown."

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Little Concerned

Yesterday we went to the check out the German hospital where we will be delivering in a few weeks. It's really nice, they have relaxing quiet rooms and the delivery rooms look like a day spa (that's spelled d-a-i-y-e.) To get in we had to ring a bell like we were waiting outside someone's house. When they finally let us in we waited for 5 minutes before we saw even one person- who was not a nurse. Upon finding a nurse, she didn't speak English and kept asking me if I was in pain. Of the 3 nurses there at the time (and NO doctors) only one spoke enough English to be able to converse in English and German and the first thing she asked me was "Why are you here," and "Well, are you pregnant?" A little concerned, I laughed giving her a "No, I'm just really fat in my tummy" look and said- Yes! I'm 35 weeks and will probably be here in about 2 or 3 weeks to deliver! No one seemed to understand I was just there to check everything out and ask questions. Another point of concern, all of the patient rooms were taken on our visit. I think everything will be fine, but I'm really going to have to brush up on my German medical terms and stuff. And I am nervous that there were no doctors around. I guess they have to be called to come in. Trying not to worry!! Thank goodness Catrina will be here!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Latest Ultrasound!

Pardon the off-kilter scan, but we wanted to share the latest 3D Ultrasound of our little guy! Isn't it amazing how you can actually visualize the little features? We think he resembles Papa Slim Gutierrez a bit. What do you think?

Silent Protests

Ellie is all about protesting these days. Sometimes it's loud and convulsive and others silent, but she always ends up on the ground. Usually it's over shoes or food. Other times it's the fact that she dropped something and wants mommy to pick it up (but that is getting pretty hard these days) or maybe she needs a certain book. Sometimes I have NO idea what it's about. I'm finding it really hard not to laugh at it though-- this is so terrible twos. I really think we are in for it when number 2 gets here in 2 months!!!!!

I let her wear her sandals today even though it's raining (don't worry she's not leaving the house like that.) Some battles are not worth it--esp. when your 8 months pregs.


Look what we found in the PX the other day!!! We were looking at the limited baby stuff they have there and found this: BABY HITLER . Somebody drew this on his face and yes it's sooo bad but we totally died laughing:)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Snow White

The Pumpkins