Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Back to the Present

So we had a pretty cool day yesterday. Shawna had her latest doctor's appointment, and it was nothing but good news. Shawna and the baby are doing fine, and when the doctor was feeling Shawna's belly, she got kicked by the baby!
In addition, as we were walking around Westwood, Andrew found a $100 bill on the ground! How cool is that? As it was on the ground, and not outside of any shops or anything, he didn't feel bad about pocketing it. Count your many blessings!

Belated #5: Happy Birthday Andrew!

So Andrew is getting to be an old man. Not only does he get sore after almost the easiest of physical rigors, but he also turned 28 on Sunday, June 3. In celebration, his family (minus Tim, who's in Provo) came down to visit us in LA, and they brought family friend/old roomie Michael Lee along with them! A great time was had by all, and he got some awesome gifts! Here we are together, and here is Andrew by the ice cream cakes Shawna made for the occasion (a delicious chocolate cake with mint chip in one and vanilla bean in the other)!

Belated #4: Andrew-Beard+Mustache=Gunther?

So Andrew didn't shave over Memorial Day weekend, but he finally succumbed to the prickly neck hair feeling and shaved it off. He did, however, leave a mustache for a day, which Shawna immediately pointed out made him look like Eurotrash pop-star/perv Gunther. Is she right? You be the judge!

Belated #3: Memorial Day Weekend

So our many travels continued over Memorial Day Weekend. For the long weekend, we invited Mike and Brooke Daines and headed up to Bakersfield, where we stayed in Papa and Pepa's vacant house (as they were still out of town). Over the weekend we ate, watched movies (including Shrek the Third), ate at La Colonia's, went to church, slept, ate, and oh yeah, watched movies. It was a great weekend overall, with a lot of much-needed rest and relaxation. And Momma Liz hemmed some shorts out of pants for Andrew, and a pair of capris for herself out of a pair of Andrew's old pants. So that explains the pieces of cut pant legs that Dad and Challa are wearing on their heads in this picture.

Belated #2: Congrats Grad!

On May 19, we headed up the 99 to Lodi to celebrate another big family accomplishment. Lynette, Shawna's mother, graduated from the Dental Hygiene program at Sacramento City College. We met up with Shawna's siblings--Rick, John, and Michelle--and went up to Sactown to attend the graduation proceedings! We're so proud of you Lynette!

Belated #1: Happy Birthday Dad and Amy!

On May 18, Papa Bill and Amy celebrated their 52nd and 19th birthdays, respectively. We helped celebrate by heading up to Bakersfield on the night of the 18th, where they all went to a special dinner at Woolgrowers, a local Basque restaurant. Delicious (but, no, we didn't eat the tongue).

Time for Belated Entries!!!

So I've been truant in my responsibilites in updating the blog. So let's get to some belated entries!