Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Happy Aftermath

Part of the fun of breast-feeding your baby is finding out what foods do not transfer well from Mommy to baby. Well, we found out that Ellie does NOT like green chilies. They give her gas and a sick tummy. So despite it being rough for her for awhile, Ellie finally felt better today. Please excuse the numerous shameless pics.

Bumbo Baby

Here's Ellie chillin' in her Bumbo--a specialized chair that helps little ones strengthen their stomach, back, and neck muscles to prepare them for sitting. She loves hers--and Andrew plops her in whenever a big game is on so she can watch with daddy!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

We just had a very memorable and unique Thanksgiving! It was memorable in that Shawna made her first Thanksgiving meal ever! And it was unique in that half of the Elms were missing (Grammy Liz and Fat Tim, Challa, Amy were on a cruise with cousins the Wallaces and Papa and Pepa) and Shawna's mom and siblings Rick, John, and Michelle all came down from Lodi to spend the day with us, Papa Bill, and Grandma Lois and Grandpa Bill.
And to tell the truth, the meal turned out deliciously! Shawna's turkey was amazing, she nailed Papa's dressing, and there were great sides and pies galore!
Also, we also had the pleasure of meeting John's girlfriend, Sara, for the first time, and she has our endorsement!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baby Legs

So......... I have recently become obsessed with buying fun knee socks (not funny socks, jokes.) I mean it, every where we go I have to stop and check out the socks, Andrew is getting a lot bugged. Why the craze??? I discovered that they can make the coolest baby leggings, they cost a lot less than buying pants and its super easy to check for that dirty diaper! Check out these baby legs- don't you want to bite those chunky thighs?

Friday, November 9, 2007


Wow, Mommy and Daddy were way more scared for this day than Ellie was! She did so well. We went to the doctor expecting two shots and she got four. The fourth was the worst, she cried, and Mommy almost cried too, but as soon as she was able to be held she fell asleep. She's a keeper! Next up, round two....................

Ellie's Blessing Day

It was a lovely sunny day and fun was had by all. We want to thank all family and friends for joining and good job daddy for that beautiful blessing!

Ellie Ink

Gotta love baby tattoos, FDA and mother approved. These tattoos are bad ace and it turns out even trashier on babies-who would have thought? But oh how funny and cute! We have more where this came from and having way too much fun. Thanks Bonz! Also had to share our halloween door, we scared all 4 or 5 trick or treaters we had out of their minds:)