Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back To No Good and Lov'in It

We went to Yosemite with Andrew's family right after stepping off a 12 hour flight. Needless to say it was a little rough. But we had a great time! This is the part where Ellie wanted me to carry her up the trail --not a happy camper. Poor Grammy Liz ended up caring baby Will and Ellie ended up in the baby carrier the whole trip. Jet lag is a bee sting.

When we got back there was a party with camels, elephants, vultures, snakes and other wonderful creatures. The camels were set up for rides in the front lawn and there was an elephant in the driveway that we could pet. In the back yard there was a presentation from the owner of these guys. He raises animals and trains them for movies and such. We would have stayed longer, but Ellie was really sick. On the car ride home she said "Mommy, elephant scary." Yeah guess we can cross that off her favorite animals list. She was so scared of him she was shaking. Totally understandable for a little kid though! I've never seen one so close!

Needless to say the trip has taken it's toll. Both kids have double ear infections for double the fun! And mommy is a bit sick too. But we are with family and being taken care of well. We get to talk to daddy on Skype every day and he is doing just fine! We feel really blessed and happy to be where we are. We have such wonderful friends and family that have been such a awesome support through all this! Thanks so much you guys!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Goodbye Daddy!

Today Andrew loaded up all of his costumes and went to Army. Andrew- I can't wait to see your awards. Please can one of them be a plush seal from playing the Claw?? Then I would know you're really in the arcade and not in Afghanistan. We love you Andrew, be safe!