Sunday, July 22, 2007

Famous Peeps

Just the other day we figured we better finally write down all the actors/musicians/pseudocelebrities we've seen in our time in LA. So if there are some celebrities we may have mentioned to you that aren't listed, let us know. And look from throughout the list--it goes from A-list to the truly obscure (Andrew has a knack for recognizing faces). So here goes!


Halle Berry. Andrew said "hi" to her when she was filming "Lackawanna Blues" near his old apartment near USC when he was single.

Jim Carrey. He was on the red carpet at "The Number 23" premiere we attended. He was on the carpet with Jenny McCarthy.

Jon Heder. I guess this is cheating. He was in the LA 1st Ward with us.

Aaron Eckhart. He showed up a couple of times to the LA 1st Ward. Andrew wanted to invite him to lunch, but it ended awkwardly, with him walking off on us.

"You should listen to your friend Billy Zane. He's a cool guy." Andrew saw him at the theatre at the Grove (a hotspot for seeing celebrities).


Ethan Suplee and Jason Lee--"My Name is Earl." We saw these two separately--Suplee at the Grove, and Lee at a Beck concert. We liked that Suplee didn't valet his car.

Giovanni Ribisi. He was at the Beck concert, too, standing next to Jason Lee. He's been around forever (I think he played Phoebe's brother in "Friends") but he's now doing a great job on "My Name is Earl."

Donald Faison. He plays Turk on "Scrubs" and played Murray on "Clueless." He was keepin' it real at the Grove.

Adam Carolla. He was the featured guest at the "Hollywood Covered" party the Daines invited us to.

Joshua Jackson. He was filming something across the street from us when we lived at the Santa Fe lofts on 6th and Main.

Nick Cannon. He's not hiLARious, but he did bump into Shawna at the Hollywood Covered party.

Kenny Johnson. He played the late Det. Curtis Lemansky on "The Shield." We saw him at the Grove.


Jeff Tweedy. He's the lead singer of Wilco. We saw him at the theatre at the Grove.

Meg White, the White Stripes. She was at the Apple Store in the Grove with her baby the same day we saw Hilton/Connolly.

Gene Simmons. He was driving down Sunset Blvd in a Lambo on Andrew's birthday a couple of years ago.

JC Chasez, former member of NSync. We saw him shopping at Crate and Barrell at the Grove. He's also dear to us for reminding us that some girls dance with women.


Matt Leinart. He used to live down the street from Andrew's bachelor pad. Andrew actually has quite a few funny Matt Leinart stories.

Rodney Peete, ex-USC QB. We saw him on-campus before the USC-UCLA game a couple of years ago.

Reggie Bush. Andrew would run into him all the time.

Tyson Chandler, C New Orleans Hornets. Andrew yelled "Tyson" to him when we saw him on the 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica.

The Boz, Brian Bosworth. Andrew asked him for his autograph at the Grove, only to be rebuffed (he thought it would've been awesome to send to Challa on his mish). Maybe Boz was still upset about a bust and having Bo Jackson run over his ace repeatedly.


Crispin Glover. Hollywood Covered party. Weirdo.

Alan Tudyk. He played "Steve the Pirate" on "Dodgeball" and was the basis for the robots on "I, Robot." He was filming somehting with Joshua Jackson.

Virginia Madsen. She was on the red carpet at premiere of "The Number 23."

Robbie Coltrane. Most would recognize him as "Hagrid" from the Harry Potter movies. But since Andrew doesn't watch that stuff, he prefers to point out that he plays Matsui in "Ocean's Twelve" (Matt Damon quotes LedZep's "Kashmir" to him).

Paul Willson. Andrew saw him in a greasy burger joint near USC. He played one of the Bobs, the consultants in "Office Space." He also appeared on several episodes of "Malcolm in the Middle."


Nicky Hilton and Kevin Connolly. This was a while ago, back when they were still together. We saw them coming out of the movie theatre at the Grove. He's in "Entourage," if you didn't know.

Cacee Cobb (but no Jessica Simpson). Jessica Simpson's friend and assistant and sometimes "Newlyweds" appearer was at the Grove with her squeeze, Donald Faison.


Whit Hertford. Mike Daines actually spotted this guy at the Kwik-E-Mart in Burbank. He is actually the little kid Dr. Grant scares with the raptor claw at the very beginning of the first "Jurassic Park." And check out his page--he was actually born in Provo and is LDS.

This guy's name is Michael J. Anderson, and to true cineastes, you'll recognize him from several of David Lynch's weirdnesses. But he's famous for playing the midget, backwards-talking, Arm of the Devil in "Twin Peaks." After seeing him at the Arclight theatre, Andrew thought it was a bad omen.

The dude in the back seat is named Geoffrey Arend, and this is him in "Super Troopers". We saw him in the theatre at the Grove, where Andrew quoted him: "The schnozberries taste like schnozberries", a line from the aforementioned movie, eliciting a smile from this guy.

Bobby Trendy. The flaming designer of the late Anna Nicole was at the Hollywood Covered party.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Elms as Simpsons

With thanks to the Moncurs, we have made our own Simpson-ified versions of ourselves. By logging in here:, you can make your own avatars using different templates.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Darkness

We really like our new pool. It's located right outside our apartment, it's not too cold (but not too warm), and it even has a little hot tub right next to it. Win-win situation, right? Right?
Well, friends, let us fill you in. We have a neighbor who sunbathes daily. As in seven days a week. And she is black. Not African-American, mind you. Black. This poor woman is a melanoma waiting to happen. She's gone from Caucausian to Outer Darkness!
So the worst came on Saturday. We jumped in during the early afternoon to cool off. And she was there, sunbathing. But as we were leaving, so did she. She's so skinny that her nasty bikini was literally hanging off of her butt, like a baby's diaper when it gets wet.
As we were going out of the gate, she dropped her keys. Upon bending down to pick them up, her bottoms crept up just enough to show us the whitest tan lines we have ever seen in our lives!
And if this post doesn't already qualify as way too much information, we have more. We were trying to decide who she looks like, and we came to one conclusion: she has the body of the Crypt Keeper from that old Tales from the Crypt show.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Here you go Aaron--our trip to the Kwik-E-Mart!

In a cross promotion with the upcoming movie for "The Simpsons", 7-11 has converted 12 of their stores nationwide into full-fledged Kwik-E-Mart stores. Luckily, one of those stores happened to be just mere miles from our new place in Burbank. We went first on July 3, to find a line snaking out of the front door.
But then, a couple of days later, we snuck over, and found the wait way less daunting. We got in, and although specific Simpsons merchandise (Krusty-O's cereal, Buzz Cola) were sold out, we were able to get our mitts on special "Squishee" slurpees. Too bad we didn't get all syrup. Be prepared for a ton of pics!

Shawna, Mike and Brooke with the Comic Book Guy. Best picture ever!

Shawna and I with our Squishees

Shawna with Chief Wiggum (and someone lurking in the background)

Andrew and Homer

Shawna and Apu

Wot? No goodies?


Shawna and Ralph

Happy 4th of July!

We celebrated our nation's birthday up in Bakersfield. We cruised up with Mike and Brooke on Tuesday night, and spent the next day in style--Amy made us crepes, we saw "Ratatouille" (we highly recommend it, by the way), and then we swam, ate bbq, and enjoyed the BCC fireworks from Mom and Dad Elms' front yard with Grandma Lois and Grandpa Bill. Here are some pics from that night.

Mom, Dad, Grandma Lois, and Grandpa Bill

Shawna, Brooke, and Mike

Andrew and Mike in their "Jesse Skye" shirts