Thursday, April 26, 2007

Andrew Felt the Baby Move!

For weeks now, Shawna's been feeling the baby move (she first felt it move on Easter Sunday up in Bakersfield). Since then, she's tried to get Andrew to feel it when it's moving. Despite holding his hand there for extended periods of time, Andrew never was able to definitively feel anything. But tonight, after the Lakers won, Shawna again tried to get Andrew to feel, as the baby was moving. He held his hand on her belly, and after a few moments, both he and Shawna exclaimed simultaneously, "did you feel that?" So it's official--the baby's kicking, and Andrew felt it!
(P.S. That's not Shawna's belly, in case you're wondering.)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Back to School!

"'Back to school, back to school, To prove to myself that I am not a fool...'
So my "sabbatical" is over. I'm back to school, officially, tomorrow. USC Dentistry here I come! And, besides my Dad (and maybe Fat Tim), does anyone else want veneers???"--Andrew

Friday, April 20, 2007

110 Freeway New Products!

Andrew has added new items to his online store,
You should check them out--there are some missionary-themed things, tithing-themed products, and even, as you see above, some references to Adam's rebellious, murderous son. So check them out, and tell a friend.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Will Ferrell's Mean Landlord

So I don't know if all of you have seen this yet, but it's cracking us up! It's a new web-only short featuring Will Ferrell as well as an awesome performance by a newcomer in the role of the "landlord."
It can be seen here:

For more info regarding the landlord, read this:,1,667186.story

And, knowing Andrew's penchant for irreverence, please remember this video may not be for those of vulnerable sensibilities.

so delicious

Here's a shameless plug for Andrew's favorite new snack--Tostitos Flour Tortilla Chips. Just try them. Delicious!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shawna's 27th Birthday!/Friday the 13th!

Happy 27th tomorrow, Shawna!
Wow...27. That's the equivalent of nine 3-year olds. Or three 9-year olds. Heck, it's even two 13.5-year olds. That's pretty old. But we all wish you the best!
And for those of you keeping score at home, yes, Shawna's birthday does, in fact, land upon an infamous Friday the 13th. So will Shawna take out her getting older on hormonal teenage campers? We'll have to wait and see!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Broxton is Getting Bigger!

So Andrew recently decided to feed Broxton twice a day, instead of just once, as we had previously done. We didn't know what would happen, but Broxton didn't seem to mind. He seemed to increase his energy, was more playful, and showed more personality than he ever had since we got him last fall. Then, Andrew noticed that Broxton was starting to shed his skin, and then, all of the sudden, the little turtle was growing! When we got him, he was about the size of a half dollar, but now he is definitely larger. Look at his shell in the pictures--do you see the black surrounding the octagonal shapes in his shell? That's new shell that has formed. Cool!

Easter Weekend in Bakersfield

We decided to spend Easter weekend up in Bakersfield with Andrew's family, and fun was had by all. It was a really enjoyable and relaxing weekend. On Saturday, we spent the day with Grandpa Bill and Grandma Lois Elms, and ate delicious ham sandwiches on Pyrenees bread. Later on that night, we went out with Andrew's parents, Bill and Liz, to a dinner theater production of The Princess Bride. It was really well done--the guy who did Vizzini sounded just like him! Inconceivable!
Then, on Sunday, we all ate Easter dinner at Papa and Pepa's house, and gorged ourselves on ham, chicken, green beans, relief society potatoes, fruit salad, and green stuff. And if that wasn't enough, pies were to follow. Since we were the only kids there, we were the lone participants in the Easter egg hunt. And to top it all, off, we then took a nice leisurely walk to Pepa's community clubhouse.
All of the grandparents at the table:

Andrew with his parents, Pepa (hiding), and Max:

On the road, walking off those calories:

Andrew and Mike Daines create 110 Freeway

For those of who may not know, Andrew and Mike Daines have finally got their joint company off the ground. Originally to be named "Firetrucks and Boats" (after a fictional ska band Andrew formed in junior high), they instead decided to name the company after the freeway that links them in Downtown LA and Pasadena.
They have their website up and running, and it offers everything from LDS-centric shirts to stickers to buttons to teddy bears, to you name it. Check them out on .
And make sure to tell your friends!

Let Andrew Shave His Head!

So Shawna won't let Andrew shave his head again. Apparently, she likes his hair, although you'd never know it by the way she complains about the way he sheds. But here's a pic of him during Officer Basic School in San Antonio last year, complete with bulletproof glasses. Until she relents, Andrew is insisting on cutting his own hair (which is going on two months now) and is fully self-congratulatory on all of the money he is saving.

No More MSG!

So, we guess it's sort of common knowledge that pregnant women can have, um, interesting food cravings. But little Shawna has gone MSG crazy! Whether it's chinese food, Cheetos, Doritos, or whatever, Shawna is down with monosodium glutamate. Nasty, nasty stuff.

LA Weekly DeTour 2006

So, we know this is old news, but on October 7, 2006, we went to the First Annual LA Weekly DeTour. They actually blocked off a whole section of downtown, right down the street from us, and set up several stages. The tour was headlined by Beck and Queens of the Stone Age. But it featured a ton of other bands, too, such as !!!, Blonde Redhead, Basement Jaxx, the Elected and Of Montreal.
Here are some pics.

If you look closely, you can see Jason Lee (in full "My Name is Earl" style) and Giovanni Ribisi backstage at Beck:

Here are Queens of the Stone Age (they played right outside the LA Times building):

And, last but not least, here is our favorite picture of all. Shawna recognized Michael Cera, better known as George Michael Bluth, during the set by the Elected. We waited until the set was over to ask for a picture, whereupon Cera responded in pure George Michael style, "Uh, sure, I mean, why not?"

Monday, April 9, 2007


Here is our other baby, Broxton. He is a little freshwater turtle. Andrew bought him here in Downtown LA from a band of Mexicans on a streetcorner, who were selling, among other things, little birdies and chili candies. They wanted $4 for the turtle and his case, but Andrew, being the bargain shopper he is, got him for 3. We named him Broxton for 6'4", 300lb. Dodgers pitcher Jonathan Broxton, Shawna's favorite Dodger (which, for a Giants fan, means a lot).

The Baby! (at 12 weeks)

So here is our baby, at 14 weeks. We still don't know the gender, but as you may imagine, we're really, really excited. It was so incredible to watch the image on the screen--the baby was moving its arms, punching like a boxer. The image turned out really great; you can see all the details, and even the little fingers above the baby. Shawna says it has Andrew's lips; Andrew says it has Shawna's nose.