Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Best Party EVER!

 I have my man
Papa Cake
Tim in Drag
Challa in cardboard (he was on a mission)
Cooka break dancing 
All the best friends and family!!!

Today is cousin Bums big day (as well) and we wish him all the happiness he deserves.  Really wish we could be there for the next best party ever!!!

Tres Años

Love you so much sweetie! Sars and all:)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

San Diego Zoo Megapost

Last weekend we went down to San Diego with the Grammy Liz, Tim, Papa, and Pepa to visit Elms cousin Meggie Amis, who had a bye day after participating in a basketball tournament. So there we went, caravan-style, down the 5, picked up Meggie, and decided to go to the zoo. Here are a bunch of pics of the rowdy animals (and the zoo animals, too). It was a really fun day that was ended by meeting up with our friends the Oblads at an underwhelming Mexican restaurant. Enjoy!

Shawna, Grammy Liz, Pepa, Meggie, and Tim
Meggie, Papa, Tim
Near the kangaroos
What's up with Andrew's face?
Giraffe and '64 impala

Duck Tales (A-Woo-Ooh!)

On our way back from Lodi, we stayed overnight at Papa and Pepa's house in Bakersfield. That morning, we were awakened by the neighbor, who alerted us to a visitor that had taken shelter under our car. We went out, and there, separated from its mommy and siblings, was this little ducky.

It wouldn't come out at first, but when we placed Ellie down to see it, the duck came straight to her. We took the ducky inside, and Ellie didn't know exactly what to think of the little guy.
Look how small!
We didn't know what to do with it. Luckily, out by Pepa's house, there is a small zoo called CaLM (California Living Museum), and with a quick phone call, CaLM agreed to take the ducky in.
As a reward for bringing in the duck, the management agreed to let us into the zoo for free. So Ellie, Papa, Pepa, and the two of us walked the grounds, and had a lot of fun. Here we are with the sheep. So all in all, we found a new home for the duck, and we had a great time at the zoo.

Lodi Froggy

When we stayed in Lodi at Wine & Roses, there were dozens of these little frogs outside of our room. Here's a picture of one of the little guys.