Friday, August 24, 2007

The Baby Furniture!

Look at our nursery!

The Shower in Absentia (or, Happy Birthday Mom!)

Last Saturday, Mama Elms and Pepa teamed up to throw a huge baby shower for Shawna and the baby. It also happened to be Mama Elms' birthday. Unfortunately, Shawna's being on bedrest prevented us from straying that far from the UCLA hospital to attend. So they soldiered on, with Pepa opening the gifts for Shawna, since Pepa was unable to open presents at her first shower prior to Goo's birth.

In addition, Shawna and I also decided to reveal the name we have chosen for the baby (something we've been keeping under wraps). So Amy and Britney Clemmons came down here last week and Shawna, as part of a video she made to thank those in attendance, revealed the name...Elizabeth Ryan Elms, named after Mama Elms. We figured that would be pretty apropos since it was her birthday

Check out pics here .

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Andrew Creates ElmLeaf

To sell and showcase his t-shirts and designs, Andrew has created "ElmLeaf". Check it out on our first sister blog!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Uncle John comes to town

Shawna's brother John came to Burbank on his way home from San Diego last Thursday and stayed through Sunday, and his visit really lifted our spirits. He made us dinners, chilled with us, and even made a couple of trips to Labor and Delivery with us!
Unfortunately, our only pic of him is here, on the far right end of the couch the other night. But we wanted to say thank you.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weird Kansas City BBQ with the Daines

So several weeks ago, when out with the Daines, we decided to go to this BBQ place on San Fernando here in Burbank. It seemed like a cool place, with a cool atmosphere and everything. That night they were having live music, and they asked us if we wanted to sit right in front of the band. But when we said yes, we were told we had to sit at a table with complete strangers.
So we sat somewhere else, and that's when the weirdness continued. Appetizers were WEIRD--they brought us strange breadsticks, oils, and weird veggies. Here are some shots.

Pepa's Family Reunion with the Pepos

On July 27, Shawna and I were able to go to Bakersfield to attend Papa and Pepa's long-planned family reunion. A good time was had by all, and it perfectly coincided with Uncle Pepo and Aunt Oshwyn's visit with Baby Rachie and Baby Jakey. Here are some pics of the guys.

Baby Jakey, Aunt Rosalyn, Shawna, and Rachel

Baby Jacob

Challa, Pepo, and Papa

Papa Bill and Jacob

Friday, August 10, 2007

Baby Furniture!

Despite claiming to deliver between 1-4pm and not arriving until 7:35, the delivery men at least beat the stork to our house. So check out the pics of our brand new crib and changing table (courtesy of Mom and Dad and Grandpa Bill and Grandma Lois, respectively). So thanks again, and thanks to future Uncle John Russell for helping putting them together.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Andrew to Cafepress: "No premium for you"

So Andrew closed his 110 Freeway shop on His premium shop carried a monthly charge of $7, and after only selling and making only five bucks in commission last month, he decided to close his premium shop and open several smaller shops. These are free, but only offer products for one individual design per shop. So here are some new URLs to look for:,,,,, 110mitt2, and 110mitt3. If there were designs you used to like and want a specialty item, let Andrew know and he'll post it up.

Friday, August 3, 2007

More Famous Peeps

Just like we thought, we forgot to include some celebrities in our last post. And, fortuitously, we happened to see a famous person the other day...Joey McIntyre (from NKOTB fame). He happened to be in Babies 'R' Us in Van Nuys the other day when we were buying the baby's crib. Which got us to thinking-why would a former boy bander be in a Babies 'R' Us in Van NUYS???

Here Joey is from his days on "Dancing with the Stars" with our friend, Ashley DelGrosso. It's funny--Ashley's old Banana Republic jacket is Shawna's lab jacket at school.

We saw Jeffrey Jones at the Grove on the day Shawna graduated from Loyola Marymount. You know him for antagonizing Ferris Bueller while simultaneously inspiring the name for Amy's favorite band, Rooney!

Wow. Here's another "Ferris" alum. This was the guy at the garage who goes joy riding in Cameron's dad's sweet ride. But, in addition to also looking like Chris Jackson, he also (really) happens to be the original drummer for Sonic Youth. We saw him at Pete's in Downtown LA.